Sunday, March 22, 2009

Washstands all the way down

So this was a dark gloomy space under the stairs where a teen kitchen might have been planned once. The yellow sparkly glass vessel sink (courtesy of Craigslist) with waterfall faucet was intended to grace the upstairs washroom but turned out to be too big. The downstairs room had no studs to attach the frame to, so I resurrected the existing pipes in this area.

With the addition of parallel Mylar reflective surfaces you can observe yourself washing your hands forever. Behind one of the walls I attached a loudspeaker; by pumping music through it the whole wall should vibrate and quiver the reflections. As yet untested.

Bathroom 2 of 3.5

This is the main bathroom. It was not a pretty sight, unless you were a microbe

Now it features a handsome solar tube to bring ghostly light in from the roof, copper plate decorations and towel rail, marble fireplace-turned-washstand, Po-Mo sink with pistol shaped faucet (impossible to attach hose lines to so had to get an ex-marine at the hardware store to struggle with it for hours).

There's tumbled glass on the floor and throne suitable for a regal dump.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Bathroom Reclaimed

There are no Before pics of this, the smallest of the 3.5 bathrooms. It had no electricity, rotting vanity, yucky muck and broken glass in it, as well as a shower with a loose door. We wanted to leave it until last to deal with. In the course of having the electrician over he needed to get behind the wall to diagnose the power problems. That's when we discovered a portion of the original wattle and daub wall.

So now we have a vitrine (the old shower door) exposing the illuminated view of said wall, decorated Maya style, with broken pottery (relics from the Museum Company) and local fossil beds, framed by Brazilian Koa wood left over from the floor. The bathroom floor has grey roundels like you find in a gym (or on Craiglist where we got enough to do the whole basement acreage). The rest of the ensemble is choice IKEA, Lowes and Menards.